Flock vs Firefox

Try it, though it's still in beta...

If you like ff extensions you can try to conveert some to Flock here.


Some useful extensions working for Flock:

superT, by Frank (DesertFox), released on Jul 3, 2006

A collection of already converted flock extensions is here

Search query: search


Googlebar Lite


Bumble Search

Always Remember Password


Ask Power Tools

All-In-One Sidebar

CuteMenus - Crystal SVG

Firefox Showcase


Well known for Opera 9 users:


Tails Export

Image Zoom

Mouse Gestures

For Gmailers:

Gmail Space

For IE fans:

IE View Lite

Are you a pdf reader?

PDF Download

Save Image in Folder

Send Page By Email

Update Notifier

Spelling problems?

URL Fixer

Tab Mix Plus


Download Statusbar

Even more flock extensions!

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