Have you ever thought which browser is the best?

 Well, tough question it may seem, but simply:

Majority use IE, but this is bc they had no choice
or, rather, they do not know the alternatives...

And, I must add, majority of IE users complain about it!
Because of security, usability and defectiveness...

Conscious geeks turn to Firefox or Opera.
The first seems to be trendy because of its open-source origin and anti-IE campaign, succesful indeed. The latter was known for some geeks long before Firefox came, well, Opera albways had features like tab-browsing, zooming and so on and still has some making this browser distinct from Firefox!

Just look at fan sites!

Using OPERA for years (yes, 4!) I can't find any annoying feature!

OK, here is sth useful

Buttons working almost like some extension in Firefox:
Webtoman buttons  and other site

Looks for mods, scripts and panels.

And well, remember all those FF extensions, Opera comes with most of useful features even as  an usb instalation

more? Later!

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