FIREFOX EXTENSIONS: those really useful...

Password Exporter 1.0.4,by Justin Scott,released on Jul 20, 2006

This extension allows you to export and import your saved passwords
and rejected sites between computers. Your passwords will be exported
to an XML or CSV file and can be encrypted.

Gmail Skins 0.9.6,byMatthew Parker,released on Jun 27, 2006

Skins and other extra features for Gmail.

Bumble Search 1.2,byAndy Mitchell,released on Jul 20, 2006

Bumble Search is a Firefox extension that mashes up the web for ultra efficient web browsing.

It is bringing the power of Web 2.0 back to the browser.

WikiPedia Lookup Extension 0.2.3,byEspen Dallokken,released on Jul 17, 2006

Lookups up the selected word in the Wikipedia encyclopedia in the language specified in your user preferences.

SearchWith 0.2,bySoyapi Mumba,released on Jul 14, 2006

Search selected text with various search services.

Copy as HTML Link 1.0,byJustin Watt,released on May 24, 2006

Creates an HTML link to the current page using the selected text and

copies it (into the clipboard) for pasting into other applications.

Jeteye,byJeteye Technologies, Inc.,

released on Jun 27, 2006

Jeteye Jetpaks, Better Bookmarks to organize your web.

CLICK! to capture a web page to link to your blog or email 0.82,by
Jack Murphy,
released on Jun 24, 2006

Take a snapshot of any web page. Powered by snapshot.jkn.com

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